Reading wasn’t always something I enjoyed! In fact, according to my parents, I refused to read at all when I was younger. Once I finally did read, it became something that I loved, and although for a few years I neglected my love of books, I now make a conscious effort to allow myself time to get lost in the pages.

Here you will find some of the latest books I have read, and a short review of each of them.

Any suggestions on any great page turners, will also be greatly received!

Some of the books I read can be quite hard hitting, but I will label these with a trigger warning ⚠️

Not A Proper Child

Nicky Nicholls & Elizabeth Sheppard ⚠️violence & child abuse

This book is the heart breaking true story of a little girl, who grew up in Stoke, in the 1940s. She was subject to violence and sexual abuse, at the hands of those that should have loved and protected her. This is her own harrowing account of her journey, from an abusive childhood, through to a toxic and dysfunctional adulthood. I’ll be honest, this book is going to break your heart. You may find you have put it down and give yourself a break; I think that knowing this story is true makes it even harder to read, but it is important that her story is shared. She is a survivor and deserves to have her voice heard, but this book is also a message of hope and of survival. Of a girl that kept going, even in the darkest of times, who was finally able to speak out, who finally recieved the help she needed and who went on to finally discover herself.

If you ever have a tendency to fall into victim mode, feel sorry for yourself or complain about how hard life is, I implore you to read this book!