If you have had the opportunity to browse over my ‘About Me’ page, you will have seen that life hasn’t always been straight forward! I want to share, with you, what I have learnt on my journey so far; to support and coach women like you to become more! I want to help you to believe in yourself, realise your self worth and embrace those unique qualities that make you who you are!

I am here to inspire you into taking charge of your own destiny and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be!

Wanna chat? I hear you!

  • Realising your potential
  • Focussing on your goals
  • Skills for separated parenting
  • Understanding the impact conflict can have on children
  • Rebuilding your self belief after domestic abuse or a toxic relationship
  • Why your are not responsible for other people’s behaviour
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • How to make small changes that can impact your life significantly

Any of the above sound familiar? I offer advice and encouragement for women who are ready to embrace life and take their power back!

Are you ready to get inspired?

Please be aware that this not a counselling or therapy service; if you are currently experiencing domestic abuse and require support or counselling, please contact your local domestic abuse service. If you feel you are at risk or in immediate danger please contact the police.