About Me

“Don’t stay here. Go forward! I know it’s scary but it will be worth it. Because even if you fail, you’ll be better, stronger and more capable for it. You need this change, this challenge, this growth. Go find out what life is like on the other side of your fear.

Brooke Hampton

Dreamer, do-er, mum, sister and friend; just a girl on a journey, sharing what I’ve picked up along the way…

Part introvert, part extrovert, I have never been one for fitting neatly in the box. I love people, I love to share deep conversations and learn what makes people tick but I am also very comfortable in my own company and often find I need alone time to recharge and centre myself.

I had my own ideas about how things should be done at school and being headstrong, I often found myself in trouble. I found many subjects boring and although I was intelligent, I just could not apply myself to anything that didn’t stir a passion in me or feed my curiosity. Without a doubt we are privileged to have access to the education system that we do, but that system doesn’t fit every child and it certainly didn’t fit me! Just imagine if schools catered to the core strengths and unique abilities of each child, nurturing their individuality and giving them no choice but to believe in themselves fully…

I felt I grew up quickly; I don’t know if my parents would agree with that, but life is all about perspective and I felt I grew up too fast. Dealing with parental conflict isn’t easy for any child and left me feeling confused, lost and completely powerless. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t cast blame or judgement on my parents and I know whole heartedly that I am, and always have been loved and valued. It’s easy as parents to get caught up in our own emotions, and neglect to recognise the full impact our choices can have on our children. My experiences as a child and my own separation as an adult, lead me to want to support other children and parents on their own separated parenting journey.

My emotional confusion and lack of self love growing up, lead me down many questionable paths, however, as painful as some of those experiences were, each has helped me to grow and evolve into the person I am today. Much of what I talk about in my blog, will relate to domestic abuse; this is something I experienced first hand (I think it’s important to mention, that this was not at the hands of my ex-husband, who I now have a successful co-parenting relationship with) and I hope that by sharing my knowledge and experience, I will be able to support and coach other women into realising their own power and worthiness.

Years of abuse can change a person, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, but I have come out the other side and I choose to see what I have gained from those years, rather than what they may have taken away.

When I was a teenager, I used to write poetry and often found myself drawing or painting. As I got older I steered away from these outlets, they related to so many feelings of trauma for me that I decided to put a lid on it, in the name of self care, and to just carry on with life. I began to write again recently, as many things have changed and shifted within me; I no longer feel the need to shut away those parts of myself. I found that writing again began to help me to process my thoughts and feelings in a much more productive way than it had in previous years, and I started to think ‘Surely other people must think about this?’ or ‘What if someone else could relate to this idea?’ or ‘ I wonder what I could learn from someone else if I shared this?’.

Expressing your inner most thoughts and opinions and sharing these with the world is terrifying prospect; you leave yourself open to criticism or ridicule, whilst you’re at your most vulnerable and these negative thoughts held me back for a while, but is worrying what other people think a reason enough to hold back? Life is about pushing through our fears to the other side of our comfort zone. Sure I could stay ‘safe’, stay comfortable, push down those feelings self discovery and live within the confines of my comfort zone, but I would always wonder ‘What if?’

What if one post gave someone the strength to disclose abuse? What if one post gave someone a little self belief and hope for the future? What if one post helped someone to understand their children better? What if one post helped just one person to make one small change…

This story is not about blame or judgement, this is a story of self awareness, self discovery, healing, moving forward and choosing to take my power back.

I am not what has happened to me. I choose to become more…